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NEW CCA STUDENTS ONLY: Any student who does not have a CCCS email address @student.cccs.edu or has never taken a class at CCA or at any Colorado Community College School System (CCCS) in any form, including but not limited to: online, concurrent and/or ASCENT Follow the instructions below:
• Enter your personal email address. This must be the same personal email address that you used on your CCA admissions applications.
• Create a unique password.

Please note: Once you receive a CCCS email you will no longer use your personal email, just add your @cccs.student.edu email and your current password.

CONTINUING STUDENTS ONLY: Anyone who has a CCCS student email address @student.cccs.edu or has taken or signed up for a CCCS class in any form. Follow the instructions below:
• Enter in your @student.cccs.edu email address.
• Create a unique password.

IMPORTANT: If you are having problems remembering your email used or your password, please click on “trouble signing in” link at the bottom of the page to reset your password or request a confirmation link.
Note: If you are serving as a Reference or Reviewer, you do not need to sign up for an account. Please refer to the invitation email you received or click on trouble signing in.
If you have any questions please email us at Scholarships.CCA@ccaurora.edu

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