Peck Law Group Elder Abuse and Neglect Scholarship

Articles are a terrific way to display information about elder abuse and neglect as they are interesting and easily shareable. At the Peck Law Group we are constantly moving towards the goal of eliminating elder neglect and abuse in California and throughout the United States.

For 2022 we are upping the scholarship amount from $700 to $1000! Your submitted elder abuse article may inform thousands of Americans of the signs and symptoms of abuse and can possibly land you a $1000 scholarship if we choose your article!

Anyone that is attending, or has been accepted to a college or trade school
Students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in the United States

How to Apply:
Simply send an email with your original article on elder abuse and neglect in assisted living facilities to and include the following information:
Full name, address, and phone number
Name of college or trade school planning to attend / currently attending
If under 18, please provide us with the legal guardians contact information

To learn more and apply today, click VISIT.