Colorado Aviation Business Association

As part of our ongoing commitment to developing future aviation workforce needs, CABA provides financial assistance to aspiring and advancing aviation professionals through our scholarship program. And just this year, we’ve partnered with Flight Safety International, a global provider of initial, advanced, and master training in all areas of aviation for government, military, airlines, and general/business aviation operators. Through this collaboration we’re now offering joint scholarships for initial training for maintenance technicians as well as pilot type ratings. There will be ONE (1) CABA Scholarship awarded in each of the following categories:

Professional Pilot
Aircraft Maintenance/Repair/Avionics Technician — A&P, Avionics
Professional Development in Aviation Management & Operations — Scheduling & Dispatch, Airport Management, Certified Aviation Manager (CAM), Flight Attendant, or other professional development opportunities approved by the committee/board.

One (1) successful candidate in each category will receive an award in the amount of up to $8,000 which will be disbursed directly to the training entity (flight school, etc.). To apply follow the link:

up to $8,000