COSI ASSET students

COSI ASSET Students Requirements
1. Have a completed Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) or Colorado ASSET Financial Aid Application on file with CCA
2. Have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) within 250% of Pell grant eligibility as determined by FAFSA application or ASSET Financial Aid application
3. Have a GPA of at least 2.0
4. Be classified as a Colorado Resident for tuition purposes
5. Be classified as a U.S. Citizen, Legal permanent resident, or Colorado ASSET Student
6. Register for six or more credits in the fall and spring semesters
7. Be seeking a Degree or Certificate completion at CCA
8. Be willing to participate in COSI-required programming or another qualified student success program.
Students will:
• Check in regularly with COSI academic coach
• Meet once during the school year with your pathways advisor
• Attend two CCA-hosted events per school year
• Participate in a COSI workshop series focused on college & career success