Colorado Women's Education Foundation

Colorado Women’s Education Foundation Scholarship
The online application will be open to eligible applicants starting in March with a completion date of May 31, 2022, for fall 2022 and/or spring 2023 semester or quarter awards. Below is a checklist of the supporting documents you will be required to gather and upload into your online application.
❑ A copy of both pages of your 2021 IRS form 1040 showing your taxable income
❑ The Statement of Acceptance and Schedule of Fees (SASF) form completed by the institution
❑ A transcript with authorized signature showing your cumulative GPA
❑ Proof of Colorado residency—a copy/photo of the front only of a State of Colorado photo ID (State of
Colorado-issued driver’s license or State of Colorado-issued photo identification card)
❑ A resume is highly recommended, but not required. You will be able to upload it into your
**Be sure to download the Financial Worksheet from the website to assist you in compiling and
calculating the required financial information you will enter into your online scholarship application.

The following are considerations, topics, and/or questions with which you can start preparing your
responses in advance in order to copy and paste the content into your online application.
1. Your academic background:
List, in order, all degrees and certifications you’ve completed since high school. Include year(s) attended, name of institution, and name or kind of degree/certification.
2. Statement of your academic program and career goals:
Write a statement of your academic focus and career goals. Explain how you see your life being transformed through education as well as what positive impacts you anticipate having for others. Describe why CWEF should invest in you! (No more than 750 words.)
3. Your work history over the past three years:
You can upload your resume OR list in order, starting with your most recent work. Include name, city, and state of employer, position held, responsibilities/job description, and start/end date.
4. Community involvement:
List any volunteer work or service projects, work-study or clubs, internships or practicums (paid/unpaid), and/or organizations in which you have participated past or present. List name of organization, and time commitment and responsibilities are optional.
5. Leadership, achievement, and resilience:
Provide examples of your exceptional achievements, leadership, and/or hardships, or challenges you have overcome. (No more than 750 words.)
6. Recommendations:
Be thinking about two individuals, must be nonrelatives, you will want to email and from whom you will request an online recommendation. You will perform this request through your online application.